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Whichever of the following options is needed, Hallier Stearns PLC’s expertise will help you safeguard your most cherished traditions, preserve your aspirations and realize a new beginning.


Litigation – You will be ready.

When attempts at settlement fail and a judge must decide some or all of the issues in your case, we will make sure you have the best possible representation for a favorable outcome. With our combined experience of thousands of court appearances, you will be confident in our courtroom presence. We will work with you individually so that you are fully prepared for any court hearing.


Collaborative Divorce – A team approach to divorce resolution.

Collaborative divorce is a unique team approach to resolving your family law issues. The attorneys and other professionals who will assist you and your spouse are specially trained in this nationally recognized divorce model. As part of the process, you and your spouse commit to resolve your case without going to court. In addition to your attorney, your collaborative team will include other professionals who will help you work through the emotional and financial issues which accompany a divorce. If you have children, a child specialist will help you develop a parenting plan in the children’s best interest. This comprehensive collaborative approach can provide long-term benefits to you, your spouse, and your children.


Mediation – The quickest way to resolution.

Mediation involves a meeting, or series of meetings, between you, your spouse, attorneys and a neutral third party mediator, designed to help you resolve your case without trial. Mediation allows parties to create unique settlement options that might not otherwise be available in traditional litigation.


We can also help you settle your disputes without a trial by acting as the neutral third party mediator between you and your spouse, even if you already have attorneys.


Arbitration – Use an arbitrator, not a judge.

In arbitration, clients and their attorneys present their case to an arbitrator rather than a judge. Similar to the judge in litigation cases, arbitrators take testimony, accept the presentation of exhibits, and issue binding decisions. But unlike litigation, arbitration takes place in a less formal setting and can be scheduled and completed in a more timely fashion. Not only does our firm have attorneys who serve as arbitrators, we can provide skilled representation in the arbitration process as well.

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