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A covenant marriage is a distinct and rare form of legal marriage in Arizona. Arizona has recognized covenant marriage laws since 1998. These laws–for those who choose the option of invoking them–are a return to the days when fault or mutual consent had to exist in order for a legal separation or divorce to occur.

How Can You Enter into a Covenant Marriage?

A covenant marriage can be entered into by a couple submitting a written statement about covenant marriages as specified by statute, and by confirming their attendance at pre-marital/covenant marriage counseling. Existing marriages may also be converted to covenant marriages.

Covenant Marriage and Divorce

Once a covenant marriage exists, a divorce decree may only be entered by a court for the following reasons:

  • The non-filing spouse has committed adultery or committed a felony with a sentence of death or imprisonment
  • The non-filing spouse refuses to return to the marital residence after a one-year absence or a two-year separation without reconciliation exists
  • The non-filing spouse has been physically, sexually or emotionally abusive or committed an act of domestic violence
  • The non-filing spouse habitually abuses drugs or alcohol
  • Both husband and wife agree to the divorce

A decree of legal separation in a covenant marriage can be obtained based on any of these grounds. This can also occur if the non-filing spouse’s “habitual intemperance” or “ill treatment” makes living together “insupportable.” Moreover, a decree of legal separation in a covenant marriage can also serve as a basis for a divorce if it was entered at least a year before the divorce is filed and there has been no reconciliation during that time.

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