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Entering into a divorce situation can be one of the most difficult times in a person’s life. In addition to the emotional trauma, there are also financial repercussions that can cause life-altering setbacks. For couples who want to minimize expenses, expedite proceedings, and settle their divorce without court litigation, there are some options to consider.

Collaborative Divorce

In collaborative divorce, a team of professionals who has undergone extensive training specific to the collaborative process guides the parties through the legal and emotional issues that arise when a divorce occurs. The team includes attorneys and divorce coaches for each party, a child specialist (if there are children) who assists the parties with a parenting plan, and a financial professional who compiles a list of the parties’ assets and debts, and provides scenarios for the parties to demonstrate how financial agreements may play out in the future.


Another option is to participate in formal mediation. You and your spouse can engage a professional mediator to work with you both, without either of you retaining an attorney. Trained mediators can help you and your spouse exchange information, reach a settlement and file all court documents needed to commence and finalize the divorce. Attorneys in our firm provide this service.

A privately retained mediator can also be helpful in resolving your case even if you and your spouse have attorneys. The mediator will often “caucus” to help the resolution process by going back and forth between rooms where each party and their counsel are located.


Lastly, arbitration is another way to resolve issues that cannot be agreed. This is done in a less formal setting than the courthouse, and many times, in a more expeditious way than waiting for a trial date. The arbitrator will hear testimony, review exhibits, and render a binding decision regarding the issues in your case. This process can take place with or without attorneys.

Whatever option you choose, there are definite benefits to handling your divorce out of court. At Hallier Stearns PLC, we can help you decide the best option for you to simplify and expedite your divorce.
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