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Collaborative divorce is an increasingly popular divorce model that prioritizes honest communication and open cooperation. This model works in any type of case with any type of issue.

The Collaborative Team

When a couple chooses to divorce collaboratively, each spouse will choose their own attorney who has received training in the collaborative process. Both parties will have a divorce coach in addition to their lawyers. The divorce coach’s job is to keep both parties focused on finding fair solutions to their open and honest disagreements.

Coaches work to ensure the emotions and anger are not the central focus of the divorce. They help couples focus on the “business” aspects of the divorce instead. Additionally, a good coach will help the parties listen and communicate more effectively, which goes a long way toward reaching a fair resolution.

A financial expert will become an integral part of the team. Collaborative divorce requires both clients to fully and openly share their financial information. A neutral financial expert reviews the data and documentation, providing feedback based on Arizona law in front of both spouses.

If the parties have children, a child specialist will meet with the children and parents. After these meetings, the specialist will give parents feedback on how to craft a successful co-parenting plan.

The Process

Once these experts are in place, a series of meetings occurs with each issue being negotiated. Relying on your team of collaborative experts will make this process easier. By the end of the divorce, you should reach a fair solution for each issue, all the while saving time and avoiding litigation costs.

Finally, an important thing to keep in mind at all times is that collaborative divorce does not need to be a “one-size fits all” model. Any of these strategies discussed can be included in an Arizona divorce.

Why Do It?

Your collaborative contract includes a number of incentives to stay in the process. For example, you must hire new attorneys if the collaborative process is abandoned by a party. Moreover, you cannot use any document prepared by experts serving as part of the collaborative divorce team. Simply put, you will  be forced to start over if you abandon pursuit of a cooperative resolution, which significantly adds to the stress, time and cost of the divorce.

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